5 October 2022 Breast Cancer Talk
Sep 20, 2022
According to Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (“HKBCF”), breast cancer has become the most common cancer affecting women in Hong Kong since 1994. Female breast cancer cases diagnosed in Hong Kong have tripled from 1,152 in 1993 to 4,761 in 2019. On average, about 13 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day!
10 October 2022 Common Legal & Medical Matters concerning Aging Population 探討人口老齡化之常見法律及醫療事宜
Sep 20, 2022
根據香港政府2021年人口普查,年齡中位數(不包括外籍家庭傭工) 由2016年的42.4歲,急升至2021年的47.3歲。 65歲及以上的人口佔整體人口的比例,由2011年的13%上升至2021年的20%。在這時候,應該如何未雨籌謀,為未來作好準備, 免除日後家人的爭拗? 本會特別邀請了陳錦程律師,李泳傳律師& 何韻施醫生為大家研究此題目
AWAHK Charity Events
Jan 14, 2022
“AWAHK Charity Fund” is now pledged to support charitable organizations in need! This pool of kindness is growing as more and more AWAHK friends and supporters are generously pledging along. It is truly encouraging to receive these supports and witness the solidarity of the profession!

(a) For every dollar donated by AWAHK members to these Charity Partners, AWAHK will match the donation with funding available from AWAHK Charity Fund and donate amount approved by AWAHK Council to the Charity Partners.

(c) Volunteer works/projects shall be co-organized by AWAHK and the Charity Partners.

Past Events

27 September 2022 Google如何使用OKR集中精力並提高團隊績效
19 September 2022 Recent tax cases in Hong Kong – what are their implications?
Sep 19, 2022
6 September 2022 - Charities and NGOs - Bookkeeping and tax considerations
Sep 6, 2022
With evolving social environment resulting in new service needs, charities should set up or update their bookkeeping and accounting systems to fit their latest mode of operations. This is important not only for meeting the latest accounting standards but also for satisfying the different reporting requirements of various sponsors and Government departments. Meanwhile, the Inland Revenue Department’s (“IRD”) practice in review charities’ tax exemption status is evolving. A tax-exempt charity is not automatically exempt from tax for all its income, so it should pay attention to its tax obligations.
2022年8月25日 2022深港澳 CFO 論壇
Aug 25, 2022
以“科技與未來—大灣區發展”為主題的“2022 深港澳 CFO 論壇” 於中國深圳順利舉辦
29 August 2022 林超英前香港天文台台長 - 氣候變化 寢食難安
Aug 16, 2022
30 August 2022 - 如何將元宇宙應用在自己的業務上
Aug 16, 2022
Metaverse(元宇宙)的概念近期風靡全球,想必各界都有所耳聞。2021 年第三季度,具有 NFT 的產品銷售額飆升至 107 億美元,NIKE 也在 2021 年 12 月收購了一家名為 RTFKT 的 NFT初創公司。這些都是元宇宙到來的早期跡象。那麽作為一間企業,又應該如何將元宇宙應用在自己的業務上?企業如何利用元宇宙具有沉浸式客戶體驗和參與度的業務方式來實現新增長?

今次活動請來亞太策略研究所的李卓駿博士(Dr. Mark Lee)分享一下企業如何利用「元宇宙」的概念發展新生意,亦將為你解讀加密貨幣。如果想瞭解更多關於元宇宙的知識,今次活動你絕不能錯過!
慶祝香港特別行政區回歸25周年系列- Tax & Opportunities in the Greater Bay Area
Aug 15, 2022
慶祝香港回歸祖國25年「大灣區發展機遇第一站 : 數碼科技」
Aug 5, 2022