Subscription Fees

To celebrate Year of Rabbit, for every successful referral of a new member by each AWAHK’s member, he/she will be rewarded with a 2 free CPD Webinar organized within 2023 by referring a new life member to join AWAHK. The new member is also entitled to have 3 free CPD Webinar organized within 2023. The promotion period is started from 1 March 2023 to 31 December 2023. Let’s get your chance to promote to your friends with our fantastic membership offers.
Categories Fee(HK) Remarks
Life-time Full Member or Life-Time Associate Member
$1000 AWAHK’s 2023 Membership Referral Program: Referrer - 2 free CPD Webinar; Referee - 3 free CPD Webinar
Life Full or Associate Member
For those who became member of the AWAHK approved organizations for 5 years or less
$500 One-off
Full or Associate Member $200 Renewable per calendar year basis

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Membership Categories

The Association has the following categories of Members:


Any person who must be:
(i) a resident of Hong Kong and
(ii) a qualified accountant whose qualification and membership of good standing are registered with and recognized by a professional body, the membership of which is recognized and accepted by the Council from time to time.


Individuals who are professional accountants deemed appropriate by the Council from time to time.


Individuals who are outstanding accountants whom the Association desires to honour.


Membership Obligations

  • Members shall pay an annual subscription and an annual contribution to capital reserves or such other sums respectively as the Council may from time to time determine.
  • Members shall have the obligation to observe the provisions of the Articles, to abide by the decision of the Council and to pay the subscription fee.

Membership Benefits

  • Member shall attend events organized by the Association at the preferential members' rates.
  • Receive updates on events and programs periodically.
  • Marketing and networking opportunities at events and program.
  • Preferential seating at limited seating event.
  • VIP discounts to prestigeous shops and restaurants.

Please refer to our detailed Membership Benefits page.