AWAHK Charity Events

Jan 14, 2022

It has been unprecedent challenges in the past two years during pandemic. As we take time to look back and reflect on the past year, AWAHK is continuing our core values including promotion of social responsibilities of accountancy professionals as well as charitable activities.

We are grateful for support from numerous AWAHK Honorary Advisors, Past Presidents and Council Members who put together a pool of donation fund. It is our great pleasure to announce that as of today, a total sum of HK$50,000 (“AWAHK Charity Fund”) is now pledged to support charitable organizations in need! This pool of kindness is growing as more and more AWAHK friends and supporters are generously pledging along. It is truly encouraging to receive these supports and witness the solidarity of the profession!

How does the AWAHK Charity Fund work?

AWAHK shall support the identified NGOs (“Charity Partners”) in the following way(s):

(a) For every dollar donated by AWAHK members to these Charity Partners, AWAHK will match the donation with funding available from AWAHK Charity Fund. For instance, if member donated HK$100, AWAHK shall match the amount by donating HK$100 from the AWAHK Charity Fund. Donation reminders shall also be included in all AWAHK events/seminars/webinars registration forms.

(b) AWAHK shall donate amount approved by AWAHK Council to the Charity Partners subject to available amounts in AWAHK Charity Fund.

(c) Volunteer works/projects shall be co-organized by AWAHK and the Charity Partners. AWAHK members shall be invited to participate where pandemic measures allow.

AWAHK has now identified two NGOs below as Charity Partners and the list of Charity Partners shall be reviewed and expanded from time to time.

(1) Food Angel by Bo Charity Foundation (惜食堂)

Food Angel rescues edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry that would otherwise be disposed of as waste. Following strict safety protocols, the rescued food items will then be prepared as nutritious meals in its central kitchen and be redistributed to serve the underprivileged communities in Hong Kong.

For further information about this organization, Please visit its website!

(2) Les Béatitudes Foundation (愛連心基金)

Les Beatitudes’s mission is to connect different groups to positively address social issues and support the underprivileged, environment and women through arts & crafts. The products are designed to support women who want to and need to work in a home environment under a more flexible and work-life balanced arrangement.

For further information about this organization, Please visit its website!

How can members donate to the Charity Partners ?

(1) Food Angel by Bo Charity Foundation (惜食堂)

(i) Members may donate to Food Angel directly via the following online platform.



(ii) Please identify your name with the format “name #AWAHK” in the remarks if payment is done by PayMe ( e.g. “chantaiman#AWAHK” ). Food Angel will then inform AWAHK of the relevant donation by members for matching donation from AWAHK Charity Fund.

(iii) An official tax receipt will be issued by Food Angel for donations of HK$100 or above if required.

(2) Les Beatitudes Foundation (愛連心基金)

(i) Members may donate to Les Beatitudes directly by deposit to its bank account

donation!, or via PayMe to their account ( Please! )