30 August 2022 - 如何將元宇宙應用在自己的業務上

Aug 16, 2022

Metaverse(元宇宙)的概念近期風靡全球,想必各界都有所耳聞。2021 年第三季度,具有 NFT 的產品銷售額飆升至 107 億美元,NIKE 也在 2021 年 12 月收購了一家名為 RTFKT 的 NFT初創公司。這些都是元宇宙到來的早期跡象。那麽作為一間企業,又應該如何將元宇宙應用在自己的業務上?企業如何利用元宇宙具有沉浸式客戶體驗和參與度的業務方式來實現新增長?

今次活動請來亞太策略研究所的李卓駿博士(Dr. Mark Lee)分享一下企業如何利用「元宇宙」的概念發展新生意,亦將為你解讀加密貨幣。如果想瞭解更多關於元宇宙的知識,今次活動你絕不能錯過!

Date: 30 Aug 2022 (Tuesday)

Time: 7:00 pm-8:30 pm

Channel: Webinar Zoom

Fee : $100 for AWAHK Member/ $150 for Non member

Language : Cantonese

CPD : 1.5 hours

Speaker : Dr. Mark Lee, Research Director, Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy

Having more than 25 years of experience in strategy and business research, Dr Mark Lee joined Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy (APIFS) as Research Director in 2013.

APIFS aspires to transform and rejuvenate traditional industries and companies to be future-proof.

Formed by one hundred top CEOs, the Think-Tank of APIFS is led by Dr. Lee to co-innovate strategies for industry transformation.

Dr Lee runs one of the largest EMBA like executive program in Asia Pacific, comprising around active 3000 participants covering 30+ industries.

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