7 January 2023 Advanced Microsoft Excel

Jan 7, 2023

This course is designed for professional accountants, and other business professionals, who are interested in enhancing their knowledge and proficient skills in Microsoft Excel. It is an essential tool which helps to analyse financial modeling and report financial documentation.

Mr. Kent Chan at Fevaworks Technology Limited, a Microsoft official accredited training center, will demonstrate how Excel can ease and improve our works through case simulation. The webinar will provide you with practical skills you can immediately apply in your role.

The webinar will cover some advanced Excel functionalities including:

  1. Overview of Excel tables (using functions and nested function in Excel formulas, define and use names in formulas)

  2. Database Function (DSUM, DAVERAGE, DCOUNT, DMAX, DMIN)

  3. Lookup Function (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP)

  4. Logical Function (IF, AND, OR, IFERROR)

  5. Applying Conditional Formatting (analyze your data instantly, highlight cell rule, find duplicate values fast by applying conditional formatting, top / bottom rule, format all cells by using data bars, color scale, format all cells by using a three‐color scale, format all cells by using an icon set, clear conditional formats)