9 January 2023 Revisit of HKAS36 Impairment of assets

Jan 9, 2023

Covid-19, continue lock-down of cities and weak global economic recovery are all ‘indication of impairments’ of assets that preparers of financial statements have to consider when prepare the 2022 financial statements.

HKAS 36 Impairment of Assets sets out requirements for impairment which cover a range of assets and groups of assets, termed ‘cash generating units’ or CGUs.

Entities are required to review if the relevant assets are impaired annually or more frequently. In this webinar, we will discuss in details:

  1. What types of assets are subject to impairment review?
  2. When and how to test for impairment loss?
  3. What are the rules for the reversal of impairment?
  4. How to determine the recoverable amount?
  5. How to allocated impairment losses to CGUs and goodwill?

Speaker's Profiles: Eunice Chu, CPA, EC Training & Advisory Limited

Equipped with profound knowledge on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Eunice is a reputable and well-respected speaker of technical seminars and trainings to the commercial sector, finance professional community, universities and government officers of Hong Kong, South East Asia Countries and North America. She also delivers accounting professional qualification examination support classes on financial reporting for over 24 years. She now runs her own consulting firm and deliver trainings in Kaplan and an university.