15 April 2023 ESG Series : Sustainability & Technology of Construction Industry

Mar 25, 2023

Hong Kong’s first zero carbon building, the CIC–Zero Carbon Park (“CIC-ZCP”), since its opening in 2012, acts as a test bed for state-of-the-art eco-building design and continually optimising its technologies, also serves as an exhibition, education and information centre. The CIC-ZCP raises awareness on the importance of green building design locally and internationally, and aspires to boost the public’s ecological value and living in low carbon lifestyle. With more than 200 species of flowers and trees at CIC-ZCP, as Hong Kong’s first urban native woodland, the area’s natural heartland, brings in birds and other animals start creating a very biodiversified environment, to make it become a lush and vibrant sanctuary for visitors to relax. Most importantly, to create a paradigm shift towards sustainable living, and function as ‘green lungs’ for the high-density environment, breathing clean air and new life into Hong Kong.

Event Details:

Date : 15 April 2023 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00am-11:30am

Fee : free of charge ($50 charge if 2 hours CPD certificate is required)

Visit 4 exhibition centers:

  • innovation & technology

  • zero carbon design

  • MIC 組裝合成建築中心

  • BIM 建築訊息模擬空間 (no visit for Sat tour, but video can be arranged)

Please e-register on or before 8 April 2023. Upon successful enrolment, the confirmation will be provided through email. Enrollment is made on a first come first served basis with priority to AWAHK members.

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