12 April 2023 Board Performance Evaluation: Winning in Uncertain Times

Mar 25, 2023

An effective board of directors and well-functioning governance structure is a crucial element to safeguarding your business and is the foundation on which sustainable long-term success can be built. To achieve this element, a regular assessment of the effectiveness of your board is an excellent way of adding value to the organization and ensuring effective decision-making at the top of the organization. This is particularly important to Hong Kong listed companies where the listing rule of Hong Kong (Appendix 14 Main Board or Appendix 15 GEM) has stipulated relevant principle and code provision.

In this seminar, the speaker will introduce the following topics with the focus on Hong Kong listed companies:

· Hong Kong listing rule requirements

· Role of the board

· Increasing expectations on the board

· Emerging governance issues for the board

· Board effectiveness framework

· Approach on board performance evaluation

· Expected outcomes of conducting board performance evaluation

· Case studies

Speaker: Melissa Fung, Deloitte Risk Advisory Southern Region Leader & AWAHK's Chairman of Environmental, Social & Governance Committee