7 or 20 Sept 2023 Accounting implications of the Abolition of the MPF-LSP Offsetting Mechanism

Aug 20, 2023

The Legislative Council passed the Employment and Retirement Schemes Legislation (Offsetting Arrangement) (Amendment) Bill 2022 on 9 June 2022 to abolish the use of the accrued benefits of employers' mandatory contributions under the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) System to offset severance payment (SP) and long service payment (LSP) (MPF offsetting arrangement).

Further to the Financial Reporting Alert 44 published on 22 February 2023, the HKICPA issued an education guidance on 4 July 2023, outlining the accounting implications of the abolition of the MPF-LSP offsetting mechanism in Hong Kong and proposing two approaches to account for the related costs.

In this webinar, we will examine

  1. What are the details of the Amendment?

  2. What are the financial implications on the companies?

  3. What are the two approaches recommended by the education guidance of HKICPA?

  4. How can we prepare for all the changes?

Speaker: Eunice Chu, CPA, EC Training & Advisory Limited

Eunice Chu is an experienced corporate trainer. Equipped with profound knowledge of International/Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards (I/HKFRS), Eunice is a reputable and well-respected speaker of technical seminars and training to the commercial sector, the finance community, universities, government officers and corporates of Hong Kong, Macao, Vietnam, Cambodia and Asia. She is the founder of EC Training and Advisory Ltd and Eunice Chu CPA & Co, which delivers professional training and advisory services to the accounting community through ACCA, the Society of Chinese Accountants and Auditors (SCAA), the Association of Women Accountants (Hong Kong) Limited (AWAHK), the Shanghai National Accounting Institute, the government of Macao and Hong Kong. She also maintains an online education platform http://learning.eunicechu.com. Currently, she is a Senior Lecturer at Kaplan Hong Kong. She is also the Committee Member of ACCA Hong Kong, a Council member of AWAHK, the Chairman of the Professional Development Committee of AWAHK, the Training Committee of SCAA and the Hong Kong Association of Professional Accountants (HKAPA). Prior to that, Eunice was the Head of Policy of ACCA Hong Kong, and Regional Finance Director of the Asia Pacific Region of Sony Music Asia Inc and Revlon Inc. She had also worked as an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers. She holds a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of London and the Chinese University of Hong Kong respectively. She is a member of ACCA, HKICPA, ISCA, SCAA, AWAHK and HKAPA.