13 September 2023 Step by step approach to E-filing of Hong Kong profits tax return

Aug 31, 2023

(Jointly organized by AWAHK & SCAA)

Some members or some companies have chosen to file their HK Tax Returns using e-filing, together with tax computations and financial statements in a specified internationalized format namely, inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language (iXBRL), which is new to all businesses and tax practitioners in Hong Kong.

In 2023, the existing eTAX Portal has been enhanced to enable businesses to voluntarily perform e-filing in iXBRL format. Subject to legislative vetting, it is expected that multinational enterprises will be required to adopt e-filing on a mandatory basis from 2025 and will be extended to a wider scale of businesses including small-medium enterprises on a mandatory basis by 2030.

AWAHK and SCAA have specially invited our speakers to give us a step-by-step approach regarding filing of HK Profits Tax Returns, the first deadline of which will be 29 September 2023.

Besides demonstrating the use of the portal, this seminar will cover the following areas:

· Impacts of new e-filing requirements

· Overview of the flow of submitting profits tax return through eTAX and the relevant procedures

· Using the IRD iXBRL Data Preparation Tools

· Basic requirements on tagging financial statements and tax computations for generating iXBRL data files in support of the e-filing of profits tax returns through eTAX.


Ms. Yan Yeung, Partner, Tax services, PwC Hong Kong

Yan Yeung is a Partner of PwC Hong Kong’s corporate tax practice. She has 20 years of experience in providing Hong Kong and international tax compliance and consulting services to local, regional and multinational clients. She has been actively taken part in regional corporate structuring, merger and acquisition, tax due diligence, tax investigation, tax accounting and IPO projects. Yanis also a frequent speaker in tax seminars organised by accountancy and taxation professional bodies in Hong Kong. She is a member of The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a Chartered Tax Advisor of The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong.

Ms. Karen Au, Partner, Tax Controversy Services, PwC Hong Kong

Karen Au is a Partner of PwC Hong Kong’s corporate tax practice. She has been providing Hong Kong tax and business advisory services to MNCs, SOEs, listed companies and SME clients, particularly those in the industries of retail, general trading, sourcing, agency services, medical, education, asset management and charitable organizations. She is also a specialist in Tax Controversy and Dispute Resolution.