8 December 2023 - Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats 保護企業免受網路威脅

Nov 20, 2023

Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats 保護企業免受網路威脅

AWAHK is delighted to extend an invitation to Mr. Jason Lee (李家明先生), the Cyber Threat Intelligence Lead of PwC’s Dark Lab. Dark Lab comprises of 250+ cybersecurity professionals in Hong Kong that are dedicated to defending companies against a range of cyber incidents, ranging from financial motivations to political statements. Jason will provide a comprehensive overview on the latest threat landscape, elaborate the potential impacts local and global organisations may face, and outline the steps your security operations should take to mitigate the associated challenges and risks to build a cyber-resilient organisation.

Highlights of the seminar::

  • The Dynamic Cyber Threat Landscape 網路威脅新趨勢
  • Incident Experience and Key Takeaways 網路威脅的原因及如何發生
  • Why and How Is This Happening? 保護資訊安全的重點及案例分享
  • Recommendations to Stay Ahead of the Threat Landscape 如何應對網路威脅
  • Q&A 問答環節

  • Details
    Speaker - Jason Lee李家明
    Senior Manager
    Cyber Threat Intelligence Lead
    Dark Lab, PricewaterhouseCoopersLimited